Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree..

It's up....

... and decorated!

This little peacock is my version of an angel at the top of the tree.

...and I've got my other birds on there as well.

The tree was given to us some years ago by a friend. It has filaments on the end of each branch and they light up in different colours. It's only small....but it suits us perfectly.

Now to the housework... UUUGGGHHH


  1. I was just about to say, this tree is completely your style. I love your decorations.
    Btw lesley, what color are your walls? :P

  2. Love the silver and white theme - a very stylish colour combo!

  3. Thanks all....I turned all the lights on last night and it looked really lovely. I checked it again this morning and thought, needs some more baubles. So I've stuck a few more on.

    Rose, the walls are Antique White USA. Apparently it's a Dulux colour but I just get it mixed at Bristol and they tell me it's the most popular "white" they sell. It goes with everything, even my white ceilings

  4. Oh its so lovely! Love the peacock!

  5. Very cute tree.
    I finally put our tree up too!!!


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