Friday, December 18, 2009

TuTu Much

Hi all.....are you all plum tuckered out yet? Is it getting all too much for you?

Well, take heart. We're all in the same boat and paddling like mad to get everything done for the "big day"

Me? Well my big day is tomorrow, when all the family and kids and littlies descend on Number 10 for a big Chrissy bash.

A week or so ago I was wandering around the big wide web, catching up on blog posts etc. and discovered this

... and on further searching, found this as well. So I thought I'd make a couple for the know, them wanting to be fairy ballerinas and all.

So that's how I've been spending my time. Making tulle tutus for the Princesses. Next time though, if there is a next time, I think I'll read the instructions PROPERLY and get the soft tulle rather than the stiff one, as it was a little hard to work with and could turn out to be a bit "scratchy". I'm sure they'll love them though...and their new magic wands.

Amazing what you can do with an old discarded venetian blind rod, a Chrissy star decoration and a hot glue gun!

I've also been doing a bit of cooking for tomorrow night. I've made, what I hope, will be a delicious pork and chicken terrine that also contains pistachio nuts and cranberries. As soon as it's ready to eat, I'll take some photos and post it over at Live, Laugh Live and Cook. Fingers crossed it works out OK
Have a good Friday and weekend...Tonight MONT and I are heading out for Chrissy drinks again...gotta love this time of year. It's the only time we really get out and socialise!


  1. Love the tutus. I know a little granddaughter who would love one. I need to think about that. That's a great idea and the wand too.

  2. They will love their tutus!! And the wands are gorgeous. Enjoy your weekend of socialising!!

  3. Oh what a cute idea. That is one I will be trying next year.
    Have a fun family christmas bash tomorrow

  4. I stumbled upon your blog thru my Google alert that alerts me to blogs using the word "tutu" ~ so I stopped by to read about your magic wands and tutus ~ my favorite topics. Hope you have a Merry Christmas clear around the other side of the world. Amy

  5. Goodness, you put me to shame with your talents. I'm having friends for dinner tonight and I am letting the slow cooker do it all for me! Love the little tu tu's and wands! Have a great Christmas together! A-M xx

  6. I should read my typing! That should be "Happy Gathering" or I will just say Merry

  7. Do you think I'm too old for one of your beautiful wands? Leigh

  8. Leigh, we're never too old for ANYTHING!!

    Thanks for all your comments...and welcome Amy. Glad you fiund me (us) The tutus went down a treat and the Princesses loved their wands.
    I was so darn busy though I forgot to take any photos!!! Maybe next year.
    Thanks again all...have a really nifty Christmas.


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