Friday, December 4, 2009


What do you think?

I started with a twig wreath and some ivory chiffon

I wrapped the wreath in the chiffon, glued the ends so they wouldn't come loose...

...and now have to decide which trinkets to attach to it.

These, or something else? I have silver hearts, more pearls and some other little birds. What do you think?


  1. creative. Can't make up my mind which of the trinkets....but definitely the little bird.....could it be a white dove?

  2. Now there's an idea! I'll see if I have one in my stash! Great thinking!

  3. Definitely add the pretty heart in the photo with the pearls and the silver hearts you have.

  4. I am believing in White Doves for your wreath. They are so peaceful and beautiful.

    PS WD might have paid me to say this. :)

  5. Birdies always look nice... go the birds. A-M xx

  6. Ok, birds it is.

    I'll hunt out my "white doves" and see how many I can find. This is goping to be fun
    I'll post pics when it' finished
    Thanks for your suggestions. Your cheques are in the mail

  7. The birds will look beautiful...your wreath is so romantic, pretty and dreamy. Can't wait to see it, xv.


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