Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Josephine Baker

Late last year, MONT and I went to the Art Deco Exhibition in Melbourne. We had a lovely day in town. We sat in the sun and ate lunch at a riverside cafe, had a glass of wine and then toddled off to the Art Centre and lined up with, what felt like, thousands of others to see the exhibition.

Apart from the cars, furniture, jewels and photographs, there was also film of one of my favourite women.

Josephine Baker.

A few years back, my Mum gave me a small photograph of her and I framed it and have it in my bathroom so I can say good morning to her each day.

Even in 1950 she was a true beauty. This was taken in Havana, Cuba

She was a star in France and became famous for what they they described back then as erotic dancing but strangely, she didn't really have much of an impact in the USA.

She died in Paris in 1975 at the age of 68


  1. What a woman Josephine Baker was....and so discriminated against. I'd only known her as a singer, but then I learned she had been part of the French Resistance during WW2 and won the Legion of Honour. She must be wearing her banana skirt in your b/room pic, but I love the featherd one in the main picture.

  2. I have read about JB, an amazing woman.


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