Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going to the Mattresses

As you know, Saturday was a big day at Number 10, what with everyone here for the "meat festival" and me finishing the chester drawers (Teresa). But the best thing that happened on Saturday had nothing to do with Christmas or meat or furniture restoration.

No. It was all about MONT and my sleeping arrangements.

Let me explain. Three years ago we bought a new bed by a well known manufacturer. The mattress had what is called a "pillow top" and we chose it because it felt OK when we laid on one in the department store and because a couple of friends had told us how pleased they were with theirs.
But we regretted buying that mattress from the first night of uneasy sleep. In fact it was so bad, we called the manufacturer to check that we'd got the firm mattress that we'd ordered. Apparently, we had.

We found the bed to be soft and not firm at all...but what we rally hated was the way it developed two, permanent body indentations where we slept, which left us with a hump up the middle of the bed

I called the manufacturer again about this hump and was told to go through some convoluted process of measuring the indentations to make sure they were within the depth deemed acceptable and "normal". Not great after sales service if you ask me, but hey, I'm just the consumer right?. The one who has to sleep in the thing so what would I know?

Anyway, earlier this month I found out the son of a friend was returning home from overseas and needed a mattress, so I offered him ours and he accepted. Thank Goodness!

We toddled off to a bed place down in Preston that actually manufacturers their beds on site. We chose one and told him we needed it Saturday. DONE!
The pillow top was collected, our new mattress delivered soon afterwards and we've had the best few nights sleep we can remember. In fact MONT told me he'd kiss the mattress man if he ever sees him again.

Oh blissful slumber.


  1. Nothing like a good night's sleep.

  2. Well first of all, I wasn't going to correct you when you said Chest of Drawers, but I was thinkin' Chester Drawers! It's just the country girl in me. I can't help it.

    I AM in need of a new mattress. Sleeping is more than closing your eyes. Sleeping is resting. Don't you like how deep I am?

    Sleep tight!

  3. Oh I have a similar story Lesley. What is with those pillow tops? Ours is in our guest room which we've had to camp out on this week due to the painting... and after the second night hubbie was already b$tching about it so we moved to a $100 'hard as rock mattress' I bought 10 years ago in the rumpas! I cant wait to get back to our own bed. You must tell us what kind of linen your going to dress your knew bed with.

  4. Rose we can't stand pillow tops!!! We got our new mattress from Becks Bedding in Bell St Preston. He's been in business for years and makes them all on site. Not cheap but the after sales service is sensational and if there's a problem he's out in a flash to make sure you're happy.

    As for my linen. I've got plain white cotton sheets and a white waffle weave doona cover. Although at the moment we just have a large blanket on the bed because it's been too warm for the doona.

    Teresa, you're is so important, not just shut-eye

  5. Glad you're happy with your new mattress and have had a decent night's sleep on it - there's nothing like the perfect bed. Our mattress is a pillow top too and while it is incredibly comfy, I do find we are having the 'indentation problem' you described which is hard to combat when you can't flip the mattress.

  6. Oh, how lovely to have a new bed, just in time for some Christmas sleep ins!

    Definitely a good move to upgrade!

  7. I love waffle! I agree, its been too hot for doonas!


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