Monday, December 21, 2009

The Festival of Meat

Hi all...hope you had a splendiferous weekend!

We sure did.

Saturday night was terrific with all the family and kidlets converging on Number 10 for our annual Chrissie get together.

The littlies loved all their gifts, especially their tutus and magic wands and jelly bean bracelets, while the adults all loved the food.

This is the 2009 ham...and it went down a treat, as did the roast beef, chicken, terrine and seafood...yes it really was a celebration of meat! In fact most of the farmyard animals were represented on our table

But the question I am posed with now is: What do I do with all this left over food??!!

It looks like MONT is going to be eating ham sandwiches every day well into 2010.

Apart from the cooking and entertaining though, I spent part of Saturday morning finishing off a little project... more of that tomorrow, but when you see it I think you'll agree the transformation is amazing.


  1. When we have a large family meal and many leftovers, we sent plates home with the guests, thins it down quickly and noone has to cook the next day.

  2. Oh Gail, we tried to off-load some onto our departing guests, but no-one would be in it. I think they realised they'd have heaps of food by the end of the week too, so thought they'd save fridge space.

  3. Now you know I don't like to cook (but I'm not to bad at it) however, I will give you my suggestions.
    1. Ham and egg queche- I can give you a recipe, but I bet you have one.
    2. My mother-in-law made the best ham salad. She would use an old fashion meat grinder for the ham and then add mayo and relish other things to taste, for a sandwich spread.
    3. How about ham and beans with cornbread? Oh man am I hungry.

    That's all I have.

  4. You're making me drool Teresa! I like the ham, beans and corn bread combo, but we don't really do cornbread here. I might try to find a recipe for it. I do like beans though. Yummy
    Thanks for the ideas

  5. Get thee a copy of the Christmas Donna Hay - there is a little feature on page 77 on what to do with leftover ham!

    Another option - slice of a couple of decent sized pieces, and bbq them and a ring of pineapple and have ham steack and pineapple!

    Make some kind of fritter, and put it in!

    Keep the bone, pop it in the freezer, and add it to soup for FAB flavour in Winter!

  6. Rosie, thank you. I did get Donna Hays mag this month, but put it aside to read during the holidays so hadn't seen all the great ideas for leftovers. Thanks again for letting me know. Some really good ones there.


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