Monday, December 14, 2009

Gift Giving

Do you have a gift wrapping theme each year, or do you buy the brightest Christmas paper you can find and just "go for it"?

A few years back I decided to make my own wrapping paper, so bought a roll of brown paper, a gold stamp pad and some stamps and got to work. It looked pretty good too, if I say so myself.

I've also used photo copied pages of sheet music, newspaper and plain coloured boxes from the $2 shops, covered them in cellophane and attached bright ribbons.

When I am buying wrapping paper though I tend to buy a neutral pattern so it can be used for lots of occasions...

This year I'm going with a striped paper in pale blue, silver and white and will use black ribbon as the contrast.

How do you plan to wrap your gifts this year?

Image 1. Notebook. Image 2. Monica Buck. Image 3. Rick Lew


  1. My eldest granchild Eliza,9 years old, makes all the gift tags, wrapping paper etc. for Christmas. She loves it, and has done it now for the last 3 years. It becomes more detailed as her skills improve, but we look forward to receiving our beautifully wrapped gifts each year with great anticipation. Brown paper and string always play major roles!

  2. I always love to get bright Santa paper for the littlies and something more sophisticated for the grown ups. This year I am using a blue, white, brown stripe paper with brown ribbon. Love the look

  3. I like to have a sort of colour theme each year - this year I've bought similar paper to you (white, silver, pale blue and red). However, I'm going to wrap the presents for my daughter and nephews in more kid-friendly paper.

  4. I love all your ideas - they look so much nicer than the usual mass produced paper! Leigh

  5. You know, while it's lovely to receive gifts, I get more pleasure in giving....decising what someone would like, choosing it and then wrapping it up all ready for them

  6. I have pretty mauve paper with lovely angels. And silver ribbon. I like everything to match and this year pastel colours were my choice! x

  7. In the gorgeous paper that I so cleverly bought at bargain prices at the Boxing Day sales. The gifts will look lovely once I find where I have so cleverly hidden the said rolls! I've up-ended the house twice looking for them, & can't find a trace of them.
    Millie ^_^


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