Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I really like Christmas time... or to be more precise, I really love what this time of year promises.

I know it's busy and crowded and hectic and the roads are crazy, but I still get a kick out of this time of year

But each year at this time, I also have to ask why some people seem to think it's OK to be rude, impatient and generally bad tempered?

Why do levels of anger boil over in December? Why do so many get so short tempered?
Everyone's trying to get things done, everyone's got somewhere to be. But in a lot of cases, they lose perspective and forget that this is supposed to be a happy time of year...you know, goodwill, peace on earth. That sort of thing.

Just the other day I was leaving a multi-level carpark and had a bit of a run-in with a motorist who wanted to move into my car space ahead of the person who'd got there first. When I pointed this out, he got a little heated with me...saying he didn't care! Well, I bet he'd care if he'd been there first.

Anyway, all I can say is "chill people". Time to put things in perspective.
Just remember, if the worst thing that happens to you this week is that you're second in line to a parking spot, then you're not doing too bad in my books.


  1. I agree, it takes more energy to be angry! x

  2. Lesley, I just found you, and have just read back as far as your archives could take me (yep, I ate my dinner in front of the computer...not very social!)In fact, I have even forgotten where I found you (no, I have just retraced my steps - it was via your comment on Ada and Darcy about doggie beds!), and have thoroughly enjoyed my reading!

    No 3 was so lovely - you must have been so sad, but happy to see it go!

    No 10 is beautiful...both yourself and MONT are very clever! And it looks like it is in a very nice part of Melbourne's 'burbs. We are (still relatively)new 'burbanites', and are loving it...we are going to our street Christmas Party on the weekend...a whole new experience for us!

    And the wreath is very clever! I like it!

    Eek, I am babbling! Sorry...I look forward to stopping back soon!

  3. Some people just never realise how lucky they are - I guess there just born grumpy! Leigh

  4. I agree - everyone gets so impatient around Christmas and forgets that everyone is in the same boat having to wait at checkouts or for parking spots.

  5. Well said Lesley. I just blow people like this a giant 2-handed kiss - confuses them entirely!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. When we lived in BrisVegas, I renamed Westfield Indooroopilly The Amityville Horror Shopping Town, 'cos it seemed to bring out the feral side of people!

  6. Definitely a lot of frazzled people around!!


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