Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Watch the Birdie

I feel very fortunate living in Melbourne because I can get to a whole range of discount and clearance outlets to get just about anything my heart discounted prices.

Like these decorations I purchased today. The Bed Bath and Table clearance centres in Carlton and Ivanhoe always have plenty of bed linen and towels on sale...and at this time of year they also have their Christmas decorations discounted as well. This glass bird with the feathered tail was 30% off. was this little birdie...

...and these glittering stars and poinsettia.

I've been a bit slack in getting the tree decorated this year, but it WILL HAPPEN tomorrow. I promise.

I do.

I'll let you know how it turns out

Also....I will be drawing my giveaway tomorrow for the $70 gift voucher for lighting from Buyster. It's only available to Aussies though, as Buyster only delivers to Australia...sorry 'bout that.

Everyone who's left a comment this past week will be going into the draw. Good luck


  1. SO many lovely decorations! Loving those feathers, xx

  2. Lesley...I told daughter No 1 about the beautiful Italian shoes you bought at an outlet...she knows it... and has been there too!
    Nothing like that up this way though... Trouble is, when I'm in Melbourne, I'm so busy eating, drinking and socialising, that all I want to do is rest up when I get a spare moment! Could it be my age????

  3. I love feathers too Kellie, they look soft and gorgeous and I love watching them flutter on the tree.

    White Dove: it's not your age at all!!
    You just have other priorities and eating and drinking are darn good things to concentrate on down here. I'm guessing #1 Daughter also knows about the BB&T discount outlets and all the others I visit. Darebin Road in Fairfield is also good.

  4. Oh, lovely. THe first birdie is gorgeous!

    I am heading over to Eltham on the weekend (my first visit to Lilies on Brougham, and very much looking forward to it!)...might have to drop in to the Bed Bath and Table in Ivanhoe while I am at it!

  5. Lillies on Brougham is wonderful Rosie. We often have Sunday Breakfast there. It's a wonderful place for special gifts. Enjoy your time there. It won't be your last visit...It's gorgeous!

  6. Great that you live close enough to these outlets to grab a bargain. When you have to drive up from Mount Martha it kind of defeats the purpose of getting a bargain


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